Breaking from Destiny (which blows my mind with how awesome it is) to make another dress similar to Maddie’s to sell in my etsy store.

I have had a lot of inquiry as to if I use patterns or will sell them, and my answer is unless I’m making stockings, I don’t use patterns! :o

Because I’ve made many EAH and MH clothes, I know about how much fabric I need to use, cut out a rectangle, shape it based on what I want it to look like, compare it to my model Raven, and go from there. I make use of tailor’s chalk and lots of fitting to the doll before I sew anything.

If there’s an interest, I’ll put together some tutorials in the future for going pattern-less c:


While everyone is hyped for comic con, I’m breaking from my sewing adventures to settle in with the Destiny Beta c;


Destiny Beta!

Shout out to all my friends! If anyone has an Xbox One and would like a code for the Destiny Beta, I have one left to spare! (Bungie gives three per person)


Work for Etsy c: 

Not sure I want to sell the dress Maddie is wearing XD

But the dresses and outfits will all retail for $10 USD when they are for sale. I expect the sale to be either Friday, or early next week. I’ll make an official announcement soon, but I’m still working to try to build a decent stock! As a one woman operation with other obligations to work and home, I only have so much time to sew c: 


Sweet but also a little sassy c:

Another outfit that will be up for grabs soon on Etsy c;


Some new fabric to play with! :D



With a highly developed sense of hearing, it can hear the sound of cake from up to 5 kilometers away… #morningscribbles

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For Erica c:

Sol grooming Leah c:


Etsy stock c: 

Honey Swamp is available right now, along with a number of other custom Monster High dolls.

The Ever After High doll clothes will be available soon, within the next week or so, depending on my schedule c: I hope to have a large selection available, especially since they seem to be popular!

I’ll make an announcement prior to the posting of the clothes on Etsy to give everyone a fair chance c: I am also working on making some stockings and tights to sell.

And as always, my etsy store is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LostCabinetOfWonders